On Another Note - Message from Klaus

Hello friend,

a quite eventful and pivotal year is slowly coming to an end. At this point i’d like to thank you kindly for the support.

I was able to release my first EP (the limited vinyl edition sold out even before the release, how absurd!), I had the chance to hold my very first photo exhibitions with release concerts in Berlin and Hamburg, recently played my first solo concerts in Belgium, and was able to shoot a music video that, besides winning some international awards, was also recently nominated for the new German music award, the Polyton - it all still sounds pretty crazy to me! Thank you!

At the same time it feels kinda weird to be nominated for something that i wished had never existed in the first place. If my brother André was still here, i would have never made this record. Above all – thank you for your sympathy.

“Cycles” nominated at Polyton

Exhibition and concert at Tonali Galerie Hamburg


The first limited prints have already arrived with you! Thanks for the pictures of your walls! There are still a few copies of the prints - quite a good Christmas gift 🙂

Here’s the catalog: Klaus Sahm Print Catalog

Some examples in this instagram post:

Zugspitze (only 1 piece left)

First Solo-Concerts in Belgium

The two support concerts in Belgium were very touching and beautiful - so beautiful, in fact, that I am currently thinking about the next live implementation of new material and would like to plan a small solo tour for the end of 2024. Would you come by? 

I am currently very excited to be able to work on new music, am very curious about what will happen next year, and wish you a nice end to 2023. See you soon!