On Another Note - Message from Klaus

Hallo eMail-Freund/in,

the first newsletter of this year kicks off with the first release - a title that I wrote just a few weeks ago.


This title breaks away from the heaviness of the “Cycles” EP and, for me, symbolizes serenity, resilience, and hope amidst too much turmoil, bad news, and chaos. So, if everything becomes too loud, give it a listen:

I took the photo for the cover artwork after a rainy day in Los Angeles last year. The atmosphere in that light was breathtaking. For me, these clouds floating over the barely visible silhouette of a building represent the fleeting and uncontrollable thoughts that can often only be described as “brain fog.”


Extended Making-Of Video Cycles

Recently, the extended behind-the-scenes of the Cycles video production was also released, which once again shows how elaborate the shoot was last year and how everything could only be mastered through teamwork:

Currently, I am still working on new music, planning a small tour, and looking forward to conceiving a new exhibition soon.

If you've read this far: thank you for your attention!

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